About The Box

The Box Lacrosse Store offers you high-quality lacrosse products, service and knowledge in an interactive and resourceful environment.

Experience – Both of us have played the game of lacrosse as a player for over thirty years including thirteen professionally in the NLL; now we both are Head Coaches in the National Lacrosse League as well as on minor lacrosse level, we both understand the need for proper protection and the requirements of the sport and will advise you accordingly.

Reputation – Our reputation within the lacrosse community is that of a person with strong morals and character. We have built ourself a solid reputation as people who will do anything for our teammates and for the game of lacrosse. We will carry this forward to The Box Lacrosse Store in order to meet your needs.

Knowledge – This experience will enable us to provide you with superior product knowledge and become a resource for product information. This will assist you in making an informed purchase decision with regard to quality and safety, while maximizing the athlete`s performance.

We look to bring our passion for the sport of lacrosse to your home by way of The Box Lacrosse Store. Thank you for helping us do what we love; build the great sport of lacrosse.

Mike Hasen & Troy Cordingley